5 Tips for Developing a Website Redesign

1. Start with an Audit

  • Are there new types of content or pages that you want in the redesign?
  • What is the most popular content?
  • Are there features you wish you had on your website but don’t?
  • How many people visit your website each week/month/year?
  • How big is your website (number of pages and blog posts)?

2. Develop Measurable Goals

  • Number of phone calls from the website
  • Number or type of visitors each month
  • Users spending more time on the website
  • Website orders, downloads, or sales
  • Generating leads for an off-line sales team
  • Action conversions, such as filling out a form, visiting a specific page, or completing a game or task

3. Review and Adapt Content

4. “Order” New Content

5. Consider new features




Realizing Ideas — www.designveloper.com

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Realizing Ideas — www.designveloper.com

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