6 Best Programming Languages for AI Projects

3 min readOct 26, 2021

With a plethora of use cases and opportunities around the corner, Artificial Intelligence has successfully penetrated through businesses. However, the scope of AI indicates that we have witnessed a minor percentage in comparison to what’s next in line.

Every language has its own strengths and weaknesses, and they offer separate features. It’s you who decides which features suit your requirements the best.

1. Java

Java is probably the most-used language around the globe for different processes and AI is definitely one of them. What does JVM do? Well, Java Virtual Machine eases the implementation process, which saves your time and energy to compile the program again and again.

The best benefit of using the JAVA programming language is the presence of Virtual Machine Technology. A huge disadvantage of using JAVA for AI processes is the processing speed, which is much lower than others.

2. JavaScript

Apart from that, a widely used framework for deep learning, TenserFlow, finds home with JavaScript. When it comes to versatility, JavaScript will definitely arrive ahead of Java.

With continuous developments, multiple domain growth, backend use, ease of use, efficiency, etc, supporting the above statement. Though JS lacks the popularity as gained by Java, the stability is certainly working in its favor.

3. C++

One of the major advantages of having C++ as your AI programming language is processing speed. When you consider AI processes, you talk about complex automated solutions to run efficiently. C++ will provide a cost-efficient AI solution to fit your requirements when compared to other AI programming languages.

However, C++ is not a preferred language for leading Companies in AI chatbots. The reason behind that is the complex syntax and limited range of libraries. This is where C++ has another important feature to attract a wide range of companies, its cost-efficiency.

4. Prolog

Prolog requires three important factors from your side, rules, facts, and the desired result. Prolog introduces you to a separate world of its own, completely designed by logic. The abbreviation for Programming In Logic, Prolog has its unusual way of approaching an AI solution.

It’s a unique way of designing an AI-powered device, but it is flexible and surprisingly, powerful. Once you provide all these requirements, the programming language will figure out the link between the three and design an AI solution. The efficiency of this programming language is pretty high when it comes to backtracking and data structuring.

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LISP has always been considered as a tool for leading companies in AI with its enlarged scope of turning thoughts into reality. The language differentiates itself from other AI languages by eying precision.

Now, the huge credit of what we are witnessing from AI goes to LISP. It is the oldest language used for AI processes and the second oldest language overall. The language is well-known for implementing wonders and is still used for logical solutions, which brings it to the list.

6. Python

You can simply consider Python as the forerunner of all other languages right now. The reason for this breakthrough popularity is the simple syntax used in Python. The best part is that Python can be easily integrated with other languages for added convenience, like JAVA.

With ready-to-use libraries, object-oriented programming, easy testing, and faster development language, Python is your go-to language for customized AI solutions. Now, simplicity and a huge open source community support are what makes Python the best programming language for Artificial Intelligence projects.


All the languages discussed above are the best programming languages for Artificial Intelligence projects. It’s just the choice of a project that suits your requirement the best. With a basic understanding of the project, you can simply choose the most suitable language and enhance the productivity of your company.