7 Best Progressive Web Apps In 2021

progressive web app

What are progressive web apps?

  • On a desktop, PWAs mimic websites.
  • On a mobile phone, they’re faster and lighter than native apps with similar functions.

1. Adidas

  • 36% global revenue increased in 2018 — the PWA launch year
  • Adidas’ website was ranked 61/500 in the Internet Retailer 2018 survey

2. BMW

  • New users increased by 50%
  • Pages loaded 4x faster on average
  • 4x more people visited BMW sales pages
  • New SEO optimization raised site visits by 49%

3. Stance

  • The app covered 30% of transactions in a pilot store
  • Stance registered 91% of emails from all app transactions

4. The Washington Post

  • Page loading time increased by 90%
  • 23% of mobile readers returned in 7 days
  • AMP content loaded 88% faster in PWA as compared to responsive website

5. AliExpress

  • Sign-ups grew by 104%
  • Session time bumped up by 74%
  • Users visited 2x more pages per session

6. Rooted Objects

  • +162% conversions increase
  • -10% bounce rate
  • Pages load 25% faster
  • Revenue grew by 44%

7. Spotify

  • +40% average listening hours per month
  • The number of desktop users rose by 45%
  • There were +30% of monthly active users




Realizing Ideas — www.designveloper.com

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Realizing Ideas — www.designveloper.com

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