Mobile App vs Web App: What’s The Difference?

What is a Web App?

Mobile Apps vs Web Apps

  • Web apps are accessible via web browsers and will adapt to whichever device.
  • Unlike native mobile apps, web apps are not native to any particular system or device.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Web Apps & Mobile Apps

Advantages of Web Apps:

  • Are easier and faster to build than mobile apps.
  • Function in-browser, and therefore do not need to be downloaded or installed.
  • App store approval is not required, so web apps can be launched more quickly.
  • Easy to maintain, as they have a common codebase regardless of the mobile platform.

Disadvantages of Web Apps:

  • Are slower than mobile apps.
  • Do not work without an Internet connection.
  • Carry higher risks of poor quality, and security can’t be guaranteed since web apps don’t need to be approved by the app stores.
  • Can be difficult to discover since they aren’t hosted in a specific database like an app marketplace.

Advantages of Native Mobile Apps:

  • Increased safety and security as a result of being approved by the respective app store.
  • Can function without the Internet.
  • Can access device/system resources such as a camera or GPS.
  • Faster than web apps.
  • Can be easier to develop thanks to the availability of developer tools, and interface elements.

Disadvantages of Native Mobile Apps:

  • More expensive to develop compared to web apps
  • Can be difficult to have a native mobile app approved by the app store.
  • Can be costly to maintain and consistently update.
  • Designing and building the app from scratch is usually required in order for it to be compatible with different platforms such as iOS and Android.




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