How to choose a UI UX design agency?

There are hundreds of UX firms that want to attract your attention and eventually sign a deal. Hiring a professional UX design agency is not as easy as it may seem. It is a daily job for them, but for you, it might be either a win-win or win-lose collaboration.

1. Look for companies with established UX design and research processes

As a final tip, I want you to answer the following questions and think about your feelings when you go through the list of agencies:

You should be able to find this information online as well: Top UX agencies have established the design and research processes that they follow and adapt to the client’s needs.

If a website and its content managed to hook you and establish an emotional connection, most likely, it worths getting in touch with the UX firm. You, as a client, want to hire real UX experts. They always listen to your problems first, ask the right questions, conduct research to define the core problems, and then offer solutions.

2. Search for evidence of the former project’s success

I’ve already mentioned the importance of the former project’s success as one of the criteria to estimate the company’s expertise. Even though it is not always easy to measure the value of UX design, this is how a lot of businesses will judge the return on the design investments.

The testimonial shows that the design solution created by UX studio was a huge success since it resulted in a 100% increase in bookings through the mobile app. Whenever you search for a potential UX partner — look for evidence that proves the expertise.

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3. Evaluate a UX agency’s credibility

As a next step, get in touch with a few companies which you find the most promising. These will be your top priority companies that have a high potential to become your partner. Besides, it is a great idea to check employees, get in touch with business representatives, and ask questions.

Credibility is all about the company’s profile and reputation on the Internet. It cannot always be controlled. Thus, a simple Google search will help you figure out to what extent a UI UX design company has an established online profile.

4. Check a portfolio with former works

I strongly recommend looking through a portfolio of former works as it might already give you an idea if a company is the right fit or not.

What should you look for in a portfolio?

You might not necessarily find all information in a portfolio, but I strongly recommend checking these details to select the most suitable UX partner. A project portfolio is a must for every established UX and UI design process.

Our experts thrive to deliver more than just a final design; they run strategic workshops, collaborate with the development team, support design release, assist with features prioritization, and help to define the next product development steps.

It serves as proof of expertise, it shows industries a company worked in and it communicates the quality level you might expect if you decide to work with a particular UX agency.

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