How to make money with a Free Mobile App?

1. Advertising

  • Choose the most suitable ad network. Ad network works as a bridge between app publishers and advertisers.
  • Set up the right ad format. Based on your demand and app specificities, you could feature some ad formats such as banners, native ads, interstitial ads, videos and offer wall ads alongside your app content.
  • The last activity is selecting these common ad pricing models: cost per mille, cost per click, or cost per reaction, etc.

2. In-app purchases

  • Tell them about the value of the feature or content. It’s worth knowing notifications increase users’ decision on in-app purchasing 9.6 times and drive their spending by 16%.
  • Offer free samples or trials.
  • Use a made-up currency, especially when your app is a mobile game.

3. App developers who make a free mobile app could monetize with data

  • First of all, data monetization will generate sustainable incomes since data collectors will pay for the information month by month. In other words, the inventory won’t lose its value with time.
  • Secondly, any apps could make money with this strategy as long as the amount of your daily active user is high.
  • Thirdly, your app will offer a better experience when there are no advertisements or in-app purchasing activities needed to generate money.




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