Top 10 Successful Learning Apps

Types of Educational Apps

  • teachers
  • learners and their parents or guardians

Most Successful Learning Apps on the Market

  • Duolingo and Babbel — language learning.
  • Mathway and Photomath — help users crack through math problems with explanations.
  • ABCmouse — one of the most popular apps for kids that covers reading, math, art, and music.
  • Google Classroom — connects teachers with students in a virtual classroom.
  • Picture This — identifies a plant in a photo, tells the user how to care for it, and keeps track of watering, etc.
  • Epic — a digital library for young children.
  • Kahoot — create and play quizzes.
  • Socratic — think Google search for scholars on AI steroids, optimized for learners.

Build a Winning Educational App in 4 Steps

Step 1: Discovery

Step 2: Validate by rapid prototyping

Step 3: Development of educational app

Step 4. Deploy




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