What is Mobile Development?

4 min readNov 18, 2021

In the smartphone era, people bring their portable devices everywhere with them, depending on and putting a lot of everyday life information, such as appointments or groceries lists in them. All thanks to one of the software development’s divisions — mobile development. It allows you to create a specific app to fit your expectations.

How to Build an App?

Platform is a mobile’s operating system (OS), which manages all functions of the device. It means that for every different system, you will need to build your app in separate ways. Mobile OSs are usually made based on some sort of computer OS already existing and modified to fit mobile style.

1. Android — The best of your apps, even faster

Android is owned by Google and has been produced based on Linux OS. One of the differences between the computer version and the mobile one, is that the mobile one does not contain some of the libraries or servers compared to the computer one.

Despite PC’s OS being a fundmanet for mobile OS, they are in fact two distinct creations. One thing to note about this platform is that it is open, in a sense that it runs on devices made by various companies, not just their owner’s, Google.

2. iOS — Deliver the next generation of apps

Owned by Apple and has been developed with Mac OS. As already mentioned, iOS runs only on Apple devices. It works with Apple’s hardware and nothing else.

Apple helps app architecture with building their concept with instructions and documentation on their website. They also have a forum on which you can discuss problems with Apple’s developers.

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Mobile Development Strategies

With clear goals, and making up your mind about which parts of the market you are targeting, you will save yourself some time and money, putting efforts into creating your app with the right model. Before you choose a tactic, you should know what it is that you want to achieve with your app.

Obviously, every single one has it’s advantages and disadvantages, so it should be picked according to your expectations and be the best solution to its purpose. Mobile development world has tools for you to work with, use them wisely.

1. Native Apps

The word native speaks for itself. Those apps are talking in the same language as the software they are built for, meaning that one and the other are written in the one same code. For Android it is Java code and for iOS it is Objective C or Swift.

Pre-installed apps like messages, calendar or photo are the native ones. When you are creating a native app and you want it to perform on different platforms, you will need just as many codes written.

2. Hybrid Apps

Hybrid app adapts native one as framework to put a web app into. The difference between it and a regular web page, is that it shows similar functionality to a normal app. Complexity of the hybrid app disintegrates into a native app and a web app. Web app is a program that uses a browser to run.

Using a web gives you an advantage in mobile development for it works across all platforms because they are written in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS or other web technologies.

MVP Opportunity

Hybrid mobile development can be a quick fix in order to achieve that or even the test to check if you should make a native version. It also benefits you in a way that you can watch the product arising closely and easily identify what works and what does not.

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It is a version of your app that would contain only some of the intended functions, the most important ones. It is a good chance to get feedback on your product and see if it is worth investing in. You can always learn from history examples. One of the apps that started as a MVP is Uber.

In the User’s Hand

Mobile is becoming not only the new digital hub, but also the bridge to the physical world. That’s why mobile will affect more than just your digital operations — it will transform your entire business.

Your customer’s comfort and satisfaction should be top priority. They are the ones who hold their devices to make their lives better with the help of your app. Mobile development is an industry that keeps on growing, it is full of chances to take.