What is web development?

There are 2 main ways to make a website that are coding it yourself or using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, etc. However, the drawback of the latter approach are:

  • You have very little control over your website development process.
  • These platforms only have a limited set of functions and features.

Web development is that process that contains various activities like developing. These tasks might make your website a beautiful and practical one with great performance.

Customers don’t buy your products/services, at least they know your brand. A website will help your business be more visible to customers if SEO is done well.

web development
web development

At this stage, they can order/buy it or ask for more details. Visitors can go around and decide if they like your stuff. Furthermore, as the number of Internet users is higher and higher every minute.

  • Visual Studio Code: This is the most popular code editor ranked by users of Stackoverflow. Besides coding, it also helps developers debug, distinguish syntax with highlights, embed Git, etc.
  • Docker: It is a complex tool to master but it will be really worth your effort. This is a product that will deliver software in several packages called containers.
  • Git: The ability to master Git is also a skill that every developer should have. Gir is a tool used to track changes in the source code of a software development project. Thanks to this system, team memes are able to collaborate more effectively.

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