What makes your App Development project fail?

1. Lack of research

  • Develop a set of personas to understand your future users.
  • Never make assumptions, especially when it comes to users, what they are, what they are doing, their hobbies or expectations.
  • Only make decisions based on facts and figures because your research is only worth it when conducted precisely.
  • Do not underestimate your competitors’ products even if it’s crap since you could learn from their mistake and enhance your own plan and strategy.
  • Target customers: the term “customer” is a bit vague to use in this situation. Because in the healthcare industry, you will have three types of customers: the patient, the provider, the organization.
  • Significant features: on the one hand, your team has to design and develop an app with insightful features. On the other hand, those features must be either one of a kind or an enhanced version of numerous existing ones.
  • Industry’s restriction, data security & other regulations.

2. Your problem is in the idea

  • Is your idea too similar to others?
  • Does your idea really focus on the customer?
  • Can your idea solve any real-life problem?
  • Are there any advanced, enhanced or unique features?
  • Is your idea clear enough so that others could understand?
  • It must provide new experiences or solutions to solve real problems amongst users. For example, Uber is designated to help people get from A to B without hesitating.
  • The app should have a unique feature or provide customers better advantages. The next example is Tiktok, a social media video app. It is like Youtube but users can easily use it to share short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos without too much editing.
  • Businesses should remember to build things that people use, not what you want them to use.

3. There is little to none testing




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Realizing Ideas — www.designveloper.com

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