Why Should You Develop for Mobile with a Platform?

3 min readNov 30, 2021

When you decide to adopt a mobile strategy at enterprise level and transform your business, a few things are about to happen: the demand for new apps will increase, as well as the need for speed and agility.

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself after defining your business goals is which is the best app development platform for you. Mobility is moving beyond just pretty web and mobile apps in iOS and Android.

mobile platforms

In a multi experience, adding engagement in new touch points like chat, voice, augmented reality, and wearable experiences have to be part of the plan.

Evaluating the Critical features of a Mobile app development platform

By now you get the idea of the main purpose for these platforms. To help you figure that out, here are the most critical features to evaluate:

  • Process and workflow orchestration: How does the platform support the designing and orchestrating of app workflows and processes from existing systems.
  • DevOps support: How does the platform offer embedded or integrated tooling to support agile development, CI/CD, test automation, version control and release management.
  • Monitoring and analytics: How does the platform capture, correlate and report on the performance and usage of apps built and run on it?
  • Micro apps patterns: How does the platform support reusable app components or app building blocks from a design and architecture perspective.
  • Low-code development: How does the platform support development using drag-and-drop, declarative, model-driven, metadata-driven.

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How Are Customer Choice Distinctions Awarded?

With so many aspects for customers to rate vendors on, it is not easy for any vendor in a market to be number one. The Customers’ Choice Distinction — which is only awarded to one or a few leaders in a market that have the top scores and the most customers proving it.

  • We’re the only software vendor awarded “Customers’ Choice 2019” in two app dev markets.
  • We have the most reliable top satisfaction score (4.5 out of 5).

So, getting back to the beginning, finding the best mobile app development platform is all about finding that balance between a great product and great service.

The Era of Multi experiences

With new touch points entering our daily lives, companies need to step up their game and rethink their digital strategy to meet customers expectations.

To solve this challenge, the leading MADPs have extended their use cases and development offering to help enterprises develop seamless omnichannel, multi experiences applications. This includes capabilities to develop:

  • We are able, AR/VR, IoT, AI apps.
  • Smartphone and tablet apps.
  • Mobile and web application ideas, including iOS and Android native mobile apps, progressive web apps, and responsive web apps.

Moreover, Gartner went even a step further and replaced its annual MADP Magic Quadrant with the Multi experience Development Platforms (MXDP).