Why Should You Develop Mobile Applications in Vietnam?

Huge mobile application population

Positive signals for Vietnam’s mobile development market in 2018–2022

Benefits that Vietnam offered mobile development

Prominent mobile application examples among Vietnam smartphone users


  • Sector: Household services & shopping.
  • OS availability: iOS, Android.
  • Number of downloads: +10,000
  • Favorite development features: On-demand delivery within 1 hour; a wide selection of organic and imported produce; easy checkout; real-time order tracking.
  • Publicity coverage: Trailblazer of making organic and healthy food accessible for Vietnamese consumers.


  • Sector: Communication services.
  • OS availability: iOS, Android, Window.
  • Number of downloads: +50 million
  • Favorite development features: Instant messaging using network connections like Wifi, 3G, and 4G; custom-designed emoji collection that is Vietnam’s culture –friendly; voice messages of high quality; integration with SNS like Facebook and Google.
  • Publicity coverage: Vietnam’s no.1 messaging application that had an M&A offer from Facebook.


  • Sector: Transportation.
  • OS availability: iOS, Android, Window.
  • The number of downloads: +100,000.
  • Favorite development features: Price is shown before booking; detailed driver information and real-time tracking order; drivers’ confirmation in less than 30 seconds; delivery within 20 minutes.


  • Sector: E-wallets, Fintech.
  • OS availability: iOS, Android, Window.
  • The number of downloads: +5 million.
  • Favorite development features: Transaction processing within 30 seconds; automated monthly bill payment; free-of-charge wire transfer to another phone number of the recipient; easy movie ticket purchase; international security standard.
  • Publicity coverage: Momo landed investment deals worth dozens of millions of dollars led by Warburg-Pincus investment firms like PE. Momo already successfully sought total investment worth $33.8 million from Standard Chartered and Goldman Sachs.

Challenges that first-timers of mobile application developers might come across

1st Challenge: Identify the right market niche & market target

2nd challenge: Know competitors

3rd challenge: Numerous devices of different operating systems, different features and different interface

4th challenge: Keep in mind, each UX design suits a small cohort of customers. The right market target needs the right target user

5th challenge: Retention rate

6th challenge: Bug fixing in a timely manner

The bottom line




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Realizing Ideas — www.designveloper.com

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